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The Andropenis Extender System is a medical treatment, and all our clients will benefit from our FREE MEDICAL HELPLINE as often as they want during all the period of their treatment with the Andropenis. What are you waiting for?

Every order is completely private. You will never be contacted and no information is sold, traded or retained. You will never be contacted unless there is a problem with shipping your order.

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This offer is risk free. It’s been proven to work, AND has a money back guarantee.
What are you waiting for?

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Andropenis Extender fits stretched flaccid penis sizes from 2+ inches. Woodden box, manual, DVD and extra spare parts!
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Penis extender
Andropenis Extender
*Whilst all extenders may look the same, this is not the case.

The Andropenis Extender is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is classified by the European Union as a Medical Device Class 1.
*These are the standard elongation bars that you use to increase the length of the extender as you achieve gains.

Unlike some of our competitors we don't just include the basic set, we give you the full range which you can read more about in point 8.
Additional Parts Included with the Andropenis Extender!
*Keep your extender safe when not in use with its storage box.

Doing so your extender will always be ready to use when you want it.
*If you are going to get the most out of your extender you need to know how to use it.

Our extender comes with a full color, multilingual manual that gives step-by-step instructions so you can be confident you are using exactly right, and are getting the maximum gains from its use.
*In addition to the manual and online support we also give you an instructional DVD which gives you the lowdown on how the extender works and how to put it on correctly.*Your gains are directly related to the amount of time you wear the extender so comfort is crucial.

These foam tops can be used over the silicone noose to provide additional comfort when wearing the device for long periods of time.
*These gel bands are worn directly over your glans and are designed to reduce slipping and increase comfort.

They can be used with, or instead of the foam tops, which ever you find works best for you.
*It is crucial that your extender grows as you do, were other competitors only include the basic extension rods, we include the full range.

Not only does this cover you should lose a section, but it also means you have everything you need to reach you maximum size, right out of the box and without any additional cost!
*The silicone noose straps are what hold your glans in place and overtime these may loose elasticity or simply become dirty and unhygienic therefore need replacing.

We include a total of 4 straps so that you can carry on using your extender month after month, year after year.
*After months of use it is not uncommon to need to replace these springs and without our included spares this would mean paying, and waiting for new ones to arrive.

There are no gaps in your progress with Andropenis, should one of your springs break you can have it replaced and fully working again in minutes, and with no extra cost.